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Physico-Chemical Composition of Starch from Five Landraces of Yam in Niger State

Tsado* E.K.
01(05): 049-059 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Plant Polysaccharide Gels Some Properties and Applications in Irrigation Systems, Horticulture and Soil Protection

Frank Mayer
01(05): 047-048 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Interrelationships Among Some Aphids and their Host Plants

*Salem S.A. and Abdel-Raheem M.A.
01(04): 041-046 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Comparative Analysis Of Tomato Plant (Lycopersiconesculentum) And Stubborn Grass (Eleusineindica)In The Phyto-Remediation Of Soils Polluted With Heavy Metals

Omobowale M.O*and Rauf A.O.
01(04): 033-040 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Chemical Composition and Antifungal Activity of the Essential Oil from Deverra Tortuosa against Phytopathogenic Fungi

* Azzazi, M. F a; Ab; Afifi, M. Tammam, O a; Sheikh Alsouk, A. M a
01(03): 028-032 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Modeling of Biology and Bioclimatology Applied on Plant in Palestine

*Jehad M. H. Ighbareyeh1, 2, A. Cano-Ortiz, E. Cano Carmona, Mohammed M. H. Ighbareyeh, Asma A. A. Suliemieh
01(03): 022-027 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Efficacy of Three Entomopathogenic Fungi on Tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta in Tomato crop in Egypt.

Abdel-Raheem, M.A.*; Ismail, I.A.; Abdel-Rahman, R.S.; Abdel-Rhman, I. E. and Naglaa F. Reyad
01(02): 015-021 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Lab-Field Evaluation of Some Egyptian Isolates of Entomopathogenic Fungi Metarhizium Anisopliae and Beauveria Bassiana Against Sugar Beet Beetle Cassida Vittata Vill.

Salem, S.A.* and Abdel-Raheem, M.A.; Abdel-Salam, A.M.A. And Farage N.A.
01(02): 009-014 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

The Relationship Between Environmental Factors And Cultural Practices And Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus Olivier Infestation

Salem, S.A* and Ahmed S. Reda
01(02): 005-008 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Accuracy Of Trained Dogs For Early Detection Of Red Palm Weevil, RhynchophorusferrugineusOliv. Infestations In Date Palm Plantations

Salem, S.A.
01(01): 001-004 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Iran

Kameel Ahmady
01(03): 028-042 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Java Mataram Consumer Buying Behavior in Perspective Theory of Planned Behavior

Christina Esti Susanti, Margaretha Ardhanari
01(02): 024-027 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Cointegration Analysis of Oil Prices and Consumer Price Index in South Africa using STATA Software

Mphumuzi Angelbert Sukati
01(02): 013-023 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Housing Finance in Urban Areas of Nigeria: An Empirical Example from Akure, Ondo State

Olumide Ayeniyo
01(01): 008-012 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

Testing Three Mediation Models of the Relationship between Workplace Bullying, Coping Strategies and Romanian Employees Strain

Maidaniuc-Chirilă Teodora* and Ticu Constantin
01(01): 001-007 [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

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