Swift Journal of Agricultural Research (SJAR)
August 2015 Vol. 1(4), pp. 041-046

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Original Research Paper

Interrelationships Among Some Aphids and their Host Plants

*Salem S.A. and Abdel-Raheem M.A.

Plant Protection Department, National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

*Corresponding Author E-mail: sadeksalem2002@yahoo.com

Accepted 09 August, 2015


In Egypt and other countries, broad bean, wheat and corn are by far among the most important crop plants, for both local consumption and export. Field experiments were designed to evaluate susceptibility and or resistance of 8,8and 15 genotypes of faba bean, wheat and corn, respectively. A total of 14 aphid species representing 11 genera belonging to two subfamilies (Aphidinae and Fordinae) and following two families (Aphididae and Pamphigidae). Seven aphid species of wheat and maize, 6 aphid species from faba bean were recovered. First view, of interrelationships among aphids and their host plants in our opinion is the direct and indirect damages done to these plants due to feeding by those aphid species. Concerning the indirect damage that some aphid species transmitted to virus diseases. By studying the infestation degrees of the population dynamics of aphid species on shoots, leaves, stalks and on whole plants, in the present studies the different plant species can be grouped into susceptible and moderately susceptible or resistance. Comparison between six chemical compounds and dry weight and moisture percentage of susceptible and resistant variety of each plant species were studied and discussed.

Keywords: Aphids, host plants, faba bean, maize, wheat, ecological studies.

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