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March 2019 Vol. 5(1), pp. 001-022

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Original Research Paper

The Narrative of Lesbian Gays and Bisexual in Iran and the Chronic Closet

Kameel Ahmady

City: Tehran/London, Country: Iran/ UK

*Corresponding Author E-mail: kameel14@hotmail.com

Accepted 15th January, 2019


By using the snowballing and Grounded Theory approach, research was conducted during the course of one year to narrate the continuous struggle of Lesbian, Gays, and Bisexuals in Iran to come out of the closet. This is the first study conducted inside Iran exploring the presence of LGB in Iran along with their agonies and pain. The present research study Forbidden Tale; A Comprehensive Study on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) in Iran (2018) contributes a unique dimension to the literature on LGB by focusing specifically on Iran. This article presents one aspect of a comprehensive study that demonstrates the prevalence of LGB in Iran. The research study presents an overview and exploration of the dynamics of LGBT individuals in Iran that employs fieldwork as a base. This intense research centred on in-depth interviews with over 400 individuals (60% male and 40% female) in 3 major Iranian cities: Tehran, Mashhad, and Isfahan. This research study reveals to the readers that Iran is not an exception when it comes to the prevalence of LGB and whilst homosexuality has gained greater social acceptance in many Western societies, it remains highly stigmatized, in most cases forbidden and potentially lethal in Islamic countries. This article negates the famous statement of the Iranian Ex-President Mahmood Ahmadinejad in which he claims that “In Iran, we don't have homosexuals”. The article also shed light on the fact that Iranian LGB is still in the closet due to the lack of family support and the cultural/religious barriers.

LGB, LGBT, Iran, Closet, Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Homosexuality, Gay, lesbian, bio-sexual, Gender.

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