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January 2016 Vol. 2(1), pp. 007-010

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Original Research Paper

Effect of Nicotine and Camellia Sinensis on the Survival Rate of Developing Chick.

Maryam Shan*, Saffia Shaukat, Rehmah Sarfraz

House No 23 A. Lane 2 Sector A Askari 14 Adyala Road Rawalpindi Pakistan.

*Corresponding Author E-mail: drmaryamshan@gmail.com

Accepted 15th December, 2015


To observe the toxic effects of nicotine on the growing chick and to observe the role of antioxidant camellia sinensis for prevention of these effects. The Random Sampling technique was used. The study was done in the department of Anatomy, Army Medical College (NUST) Rawalpindi from 2nd November 2011 to 1st November 2012. The ethical Review Committee approved the procedures followed in the research project. Fresh fertilized eggs at zero hour of incubation of Fayoumi species were selected. Temperature in hatchery was controlled at 37.5 degree centigrade. The humidity was maintained at 75% and proper ventilation was observed. Four groups were made, each group was comprised of the ten numbers of eggs. The control group G1 was given normal saline, regarding experimental groups, G2 was given green tea extract, G3 was given 0.0001% nicotine solution and G4 was given both 0.0001% nicotine solution and green tea extract. Double exposure of doses was given. First exposure was given at 48 hours of incubation and second at 48 hours of hatching (post natal dose). The survival rate of chick was observed till one month of their age. Experimental groups which were treated with nicotine, such as, G3 &G4 were showing a less number of chicks which survived till the one month of age as compared to the control group G1 and experimental group G2. In case of experimental group G4, both nicotine and green tea extract were given to this experimental group showed better survival in comparison to only nicotine treated experimental group G3, but the number of survival of chick was less in comparison to G1 and G2. Camellia sinensis antioxidant property helps to neutralize the oxidative injury by the use of nicotine, but unable to recover it fully.

Keywords:Incubation, Chick, nicotine, survival

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