Swift Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
January 2020 Vol. 6(2), pp. 013-029

ISSN: 2986-9811
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Original Research Paper

Migration and Gender for Iranian LGBT

Kameel Ahmady

City: Tehran/London, Country: Iran/ UK

*Corresponding Author E-mail: kameel14@hotmail.com

Accepted 10th July, 2019


This article specifically addresses the country of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the very important issues pertaining to LGB individuals in Iran and their migration process. LGB individuals suffer from human rights violations and are denied the basic freedom of being who they are due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Faced with official intransigence some LGB are compelled to escape persecution in their countries of origin and seek refuge in countries that provide them greater protection. Their sexual orientation becomes an issue when seeking asylum. This article explores the relationship between gender and the migration process. The article offers an account of the complexity of LGB seeking asylum as they face a myriad of threats, risks and vulnerabilities throughout all stages of the displacement cycle.

LGB, Migration, Gender, Iran, Asylum seeker, Protection

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