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August 2020 Vol. 6(9), pp. 014-021

ISSN: 2986-9811
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Original Research Paper

The Role of the Fool in W.B.YEATS' Play on Baile's Strand

Kamal Almas Walee

University of Baghdad-ibn-Rashid college of Education

*Corresponding Author E-mail: kamalwalee@yahoo.com

Accepted 15th August, 2020


This paper is a study to prove that W.B.Yeats' drama is not only a lyrical drama as some critics presumes but there are theatrical elements in his drama. Thus the present study concentrates on the role of the Fool in Yeats' play On Baile's Strand to demonstrate that Yeats' drama contains many theatrical elements. The Fool is not only a minor character but he is more than that. The Fool foreshadows the action and he is a commentator. The study shows that a fool is a wise person. Also, the paper shows how the Fool parodies the action in the drama.

Fool, Blind man, Cuhalain, Conchubar, chicken, appetite

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